2017 Wednesday Walks

2017-04-12 Great Ayton  Field Path to Airyholme Farm – Little Ayton

2017-04-19 Errington Woods  Sandy Lane – Upleatham – Errington Woods

2017-04-26 Gribdale Gate (A)  Newton Moor – Hutton Moor

2017-05 10 Danby (B) – Moors Centre  Easton Lane – Danby – Panniermans Causeway – Lords Turnpike path – Moors centre

2017-05-17 Swainby High Street  Cleveland Way -Whorlton Hill – Huthwaite Green

2017-05-24 Guisborough – Car Park – Chaloner Street  Priory – Little Waterfall Farm – Old Rail Track – Butt Lane – Priory

2017-06-07 Ingleby Greenhow (O/Spill Car Park)  Ingleby Manor – Incline bottom – Bank Foot- Ingleby

2017-06-14 Wainstones – Clay Bank Car Park  Wainstones, Garfitt Farm, Car Park

2017-06-21 Castleton Top End (B)  Castleton-Crag Hse-church-Ropwantree frm-Ainthorpe – War Memorial- Castleton top end

2017-07-05 Blue Bell Inn – Ingleby Cross  Arncliffe Hall-sth Wood-Booster station-cattle grid Scarth Nick farm-Cog hole-Arncliffe Hall

2017-08-02 Chop Gate Car Park  William Beck farm – Tripsdale -Seive green

2017-08-09 Lord Stones Café  Thwaite Hous Staindale-Clough Ruins-Brian’s Pond-Gliding Club-Cleveland Way-Lord Stones

2017-08-16 Osmotherley High Street (B) Chapel-Booster Station-Cod Beck-Côtes Gyll

2017-08-23 Gribdale Gate (B)  C.Cook Monument-Millbank Wood- Lonsdale Plantn-Percy Cross-Moor Tracks to Gribdale

2017-08-30 Roseberry Topping Scramble